One Episode at a time

The Search

What was supposed to be a vacation in a resort town, turned into a journey from which I have not yet returned. What I have encountered on the road is changing my life forever. Run ins with the cartel, waves the size of houses, earthquakes in the dead of night, broken bones, Latin men, scorpions in my bed and chewing on fish eyeballs were all just the beginning. I went on a journey looking for healing. I expected it to be scary and exciting. What I didn’t expect was that the journey would lead me here, in front of my computer screen, telling my very private story of an eating disorder, a potential cancer scare, a destructive relationship, and a complete and total burnout, publicly to the world!   While my chosen path is a bit different than the typical educated white girl from a middle class Christian family in the midwest, my story is anything but unique. It is the human experience that I now attempt to display in all its raw and sometimes ugly truth. I have no answers, only experiences. It is my hope that in receiving the episodes of my story you will hear only one thing, “That’s me too”. I’m truly so thankful that you have chosen to be a part of my journey. Welcome to the ride!    Ready to go on a road trip?  Strap in. Let’s do this!